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ARC European Leadership Industry Forum







ARC’s European Industry Forum is part of our successful series of worldwide conferences in Europe, America, and Asia. Participants are invited to attend exclusive presentations and workshops on strategies and case studies from the digital front lines. TransformationARC industry analysts and other automation experts from the end user and supplier communities will analyze and discuss trends and drivers for the following topics:

AI and Machine Learning
Open Automation
From Edge to Cloud: Future Automation Architectures
Module Type Package (MTP)
Asset Management/Operations Management
MES Success Stories
Digital Services

As we adapt to the new normal, industrial innovation is accelerating. A renewed focus on sustainability, the circular economy, and climate change is sparking innovation and powering transformational and technological change throughout the industrial sector. Resilience has become a priority for many companies in all industries. Digital leaders have now validated their strategies against the real-world challenges brought on by the aftermath of the pandemic and new geopolitical unrest and are accelerating their innovation and transformation initiatives. The power of disruptive technologies is full speed ahead!

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