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IIoT & Industry 4.0 RANT by Walker Reynolds


Walker Reynolds goes on a rant about IIoT Industry 4.0 and digital transformation

United Manufacturing Hub

Introduction into IT/OT : Automation Pyramid


In the seventh episode of our video series about IT / OT fundamentals, we will talk about the automation pyramid and the international standards ISA-95 and IEC62264. This video series is based on our popular "Introduction to IT/OT" workshop, designed to provide a common ground for companies looking to enter the field of industrial IoT. It takes a step back and looks at the field from an architectural perspective, explaining key IT and OT concepts. As a final result, meaningful content discussions can now be held between IT and OT, and "bullshit bingo" is reduced.


Solving business challenges associated with OT/IT integration & Smart Manufacturing


Manufacturers must maximize throughput with the highest quality while steadily accelerating the introduction of new products. Companies can manage these challenges through data-driven decision-making by exploiting large volumes of data generated

4.0 Solutions

Spatial Intelligence in Manufacturing


Walker engages with team members from Zerokey to delve into their groundbreaking spatial intelligence technology. Zerokey has pioneered the creation of advanced wristbands capable of tracking hand movements down to the millimeter. This precision facilitates seamless navigation through assembly steps (or any other designated tasks), ensuring tasks are executed in the correct sequence. Should there be a misstep or deviation from the prescribed order, the system promptly issues an alert.


What Is Industry 4.0 and How Did We Get Here? with MIT Professor David Hardt


In this talk the state of manufacturing technology will be examined along with how that technology affects the workforce. The conclusion is that world class manufacturing has and will always require mastering the necessary technologies in the context of the underlying fundamentals and that education at all levels of the enterprise must include both.


What is IT/OT Convergence and Why is it Important?


The idea of converging IT and OT came with Industry 4.0, a small industrial movement to integrate automation, communication, and networking. IT/OT convergence, the integration of information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT), intends to close operational gaps and provide complete views of every operation and how it’s performing. Notably, this convergence enables more direct control and complete monitoring of complex systems, from anywhere in the world.

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