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Automotive Circle - The Future of Manufacturing





South Carolina


Automotive production is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation. Those changes are being driven by a number of technological, environmental and social factors that require a shift in thinking, planning and acting on various levels. the ongoing integration of alternative drive technologies into the product portfolios of the OEMs. the exponential growth of automatization and digitalization solutions and AI developments for industrial production. the growing focus on sustainability requirements. the shortage of skilled workforce, on all levels. As a result, new products, new processes and new production solutions need to be found, integrated, scaled – and accepted by the people who are tasked with carrying them out. Which is why the Automotive Circle – in cooperation with its partners at the College of Charleston and South Carolina OEM’s – is launching a new, manufacturing-focused conference and inviting its worldwide network of automotive experts to join us in Charleston, South Carolina this September, to discuss, among experts, technological solutions that have the potential to enable a successful “Future of Manufacturing” for the automotive industry.

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