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The Connected Worker Chicago







Where the world’s leading Connected Worker experts gather to share use cases and showcase trailblazing technologies that will transform your operations.

With a rapidly aging workforce, attraction and retention challenges and workforce attrition, digital manufacturing leaders are looking to understand how they can use data-driven connected worker solutions to attract the next generation digital savvy workforce, capture and retain knowledge, and drive continuous improvement though a more connected, productive and engaged workforce.

If you want to understand how to better connect your workforce to the digital resources they need to work more effectively and increase productivity across your manufacturing operations, then our 2nd Annual Connected Worker Chicago Summit is your must attend event of 2023.

Developed in partnerships with our Advisory Board, this years event will feature a cross-industry immersive exploration of the challenges faced by digital manufacturing leaders and will help you develop an action plan to leverage data driven connected worker technologies that enhance decision making and operational efficiency on the frontline and understand how they can better connect workers to the information and resources they need to do their work more effectively and ultimately drive operational efficiency.

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