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The Reliability Conference







The RELIABILITY Conference (TRC) 2024, co-sponsored by® and Uptime® bookazine, is not just another industry event—it’s a call to action for those who are serious about mastering reliability, asset management, and condition monitoring. Taking place from May 14-16 in Bellevue, Washington, this conference has been the cornerstone of operational excellence since 2005. Our mission? To fuel innovations that protect and elevate the people driving the reliability and asset management sector.

Stagnation is the enemy of reliability. That’s why we’ve tirelessly canvassed the globe to bring you an arsenal of leading-edge methodologies straight from the pioneers—subject matter experts, distinguished practitioners, and acclaimed authors—in our field. Your time is valuable, and we make it count.

Our robust lineup includes compelling main stage presentations that challenge the status quo, practitioner case studies that dissect real-world applications, and a plethora of short courses and workshops designed to deepen your skillset. Beyond the conventional, we offer a 3-day professional certification program, adhering to the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System—because transformative leadership begins with transformative knowledge.

But we don’t stop there. Step into the RELIABILITY Expo, a nexus for the world’s top solution providers in reliability and asset management. Over 50 vendors await you, each one a catalyst poised to launch your organization into the realm of high-performance reliability.

Don’t merely attend—participate, engage, and lead. Mark the date; this is your opportunity to transcend from status quo to status go! Let’s write the future of reliability, together.

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