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First Pass Yield

The First Pass Yield or FPY, also known as throughput yield or TPY, are the number of units that come out of a process divided by the number of units going into that process over a specific period of time. This is an important manufacturing metric to measure the quality and production performance. This correlates with the effectiveness of a process and the elimination of waste from that process. The FPY is also good for measuring the success of continuous improvement because of its focus on reduction of waste and inefficiency.

The FPY formula and application is relatively straightforward:

First pass yield = (units of products completed from process to specification with no rework) / (total units of products entering the process)


If 100 units enter a process, 99 are finished to specification, and 2 are reworked;
First Pass Yield = (99-2) / 100 = .97 = 97%


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